1) Appeal to authority- The Canucks are sending a message about helping sick children. The children’s hospital is using celebrities to promote their cause. This is an example of appeal to authority as most people are more likely to listen to a Canuck. They are doing this all for a good cause. Many advertising campanges like to use celebrities such as famous atheletes to help sell their product. People think he is good an he uses it so I will be good if I use it.

2) Virtue words- Obama is using a very strong word that appeals to a great many of people. Hope. Everybody wants hope or has hope and now Obama has put his face to that word. People will start to like Obama more as they now see that he represents and signifies hope. Hope is a powerful message with a very open definition therefore relating Obama to a wide variety of things. Obama is all hope for America is what this ad is trying to say.


Treatment of Those in Opposition

1) (Just using the propaganda poster) Scapegoating- In this poster China is clearly targeted as the scapegoat. We are blaming them for stealing our jobs. This is just another way to give people an excuse for not having a job. They are labeling the Chinese immigrants as the thieves. People are using China to blame for our lack of quality immigration laws.

Labeling- In this poster it is calling the democrats stupid. It is labeling all democrats as dumb. This poster is ignorant as not all democrats are dumb. They just don’t want the opposition to have a chance. If people think democrats are dumb then they will want to be a republican.

3) Demonizing the enemy- The enemy in this poster is being shown stealing a woman after setting a building on fire. The government clearly wants everyone to believe that all men of that certain nationality are bad people. This is a perfect example of demonizing an enemy. Obviously not all of the enemy troops burn villages and rape women but it is a good way to show people who we don’t like. The government used the tactic a lot during the first and second world war. It helped them to rally in more troops.

4) Stereotypes- Women are often stereotyped for not being as able as men. This is not true in some cases women are more able than men however this stereotype continues. This picture is very negative towards women and portrays them as somewhat useless. Stereotypes are all over the place from racism to sexism. They can be both negative or positive but the media usually makes them negative.

Appeal to Emotions

1) Euphoria-
This is an example of euphoria as a new holiday was introduced. It was set is place to generate extreme happiness throughout the province. This made the people of our province happier and more supportive of our government. It does not seem like much adding a one day holiday to those in the province of B.C but it is an example of euphoria. By adding this one day off it changed many peoples opinion of our government and for a short time made them seem more caring of the people.
2),r:3,s:0,i:91&iact=rc&dur=11633&page=1&tbnh=180&tbnw=138&start=0&ndsp=41&tx=47&ty=106 Name Calling- Portraying the enemy as a monster is an example of name calling. Calling them a brute or beast is rude and untrue. This is a direct attack at the target enemy and is not positive. It only helps to get others to hate on the enemy as much as you do. Name calling in this manner can be dangerous because if one is too cruel one’s targets may dis-appreciate the manner in which one is “gathering troops.” However the odds of this are slim as most people will just follow.


1) Example: McDonald’s slogan and logo Repetition- The McDonald’s logo slogan and jingles are well known around the world. They have been repeated enough many, many people know the tune. That is a perfect example off repetition. Whenever the tune is heard it is directly related to McDonald’s. People from all around the world know of McDonald’s and recognize its slogan.

2) Simplicity- The novel 1984 has a very popular slogan that everyone in Oceania knows and remembers. This slogan has been put out there so much that people just know it believe it and follow it now. Big Brother wanted to recreate something that everyone will understand know and remember. They kept it short and sweet so nobody will not get it. They are changing the way people think using a few short words.

3) Slogan- This is a very popular skittles slogan that many people know. Skittles has many ads for their product and they always use their slogan, “Share the rainbow. Taste the rainbow.” Lots of people know it because it has been around for a great many of years. This slogan helps us to remember there slogan and in essence what they are selling.This slogan is original and people know that one is talking about skittles when they repeat the slogan.

Truth and Lies

1) Quotes out of context- Quotes out of context happen all of the time. This is an example from the 2012 election. People use quotes out of context in order to gain an advantage over their opponent. They can mislead people into believing one said or believes something that are incorrect. We have to be aware at all time for quotes being used out of context because they are getting thrown at us all of the time.

2) Disinformation-
This article really shows how disinformation can harm people.It are a powerful tool that is used to tell lies or half truths. Disinformation is usually used when a country is at war. It has been done many times before it is just harder to find. Disinformation is a very terrible tool used to tell lies to the public.

3),r:0,s:0,i:82&iact=rc&dur=4668&page=1&tbnh=187&tbnw=147&start=0&ndsp=42&tx=125&ty=78 Direct Order- This is the US government telling all young men of age to sign up. It is a direct order because it is saying that they want you. Not maybe come join but more like join. This is a typical recruiting sign or poster for the army in the 1900’s.There was not much choice but to join if you were a young man.

4) Rationalization- In the novel 1984, Winston feels uncomfortable during the two minutes hate but he rationalizes it by thinking, well everyone else is doing it so I may as well. Deep down Winston knows his thoughts are wrong and should stand up to the party. Nobody else is standing up to the party though so Winston does not and thinks this is how it always has been. He feels alone and entrapped within himself. Big Brother is manipulating Oceania to follow and think as one.


1) Oversimplification- This is an example of oversimplification because using old spice will not give you everything you ever needed. This ad is very misleading as it portrays old spice to be godly and solve all of your issues but really it is just soap. Buying this body wash just will not give you everything you ever dreamed but they oversimplified it to seem that way. Old spice uses very unique ads to attract attention to their products.Oversimplification is making things seem like the answer is much easier than it is in reality.
2) Pensee Unique- This is a slight discussion using overly simplistic arguments. In reality one person will not make that much of a difference. However for the purpose of trying to get everyone on board this helps pursway people to join in the war effort. All that people need is to have a reason for doing things. Over simplistic arguments are very helpful in gathering sheeple.


1) Red Herring– In the novel 1984, Big Brother uses the war as an excuse for getting things their way. They use it to make the people hate on someone or something all of the time and it usually works. This is a red herring because it is said that the war is just ongoing and that there are no intentions of ending it. It is merely a good excuse to control and manipulate the people of Oceania. Big Brother is using the war to help them stay in power.
2) Black and White Fallacy– Big Brother uses this a lot as they do not want anyone against them. In Oceania if you are not on Big Brother’s side then you are an enemy of them. This is what turned the people into sheep as they really didn’t have a choice of whether or not they liked the party. Big Brother did it’s best to maintain control and this was just another way. They used violence and torture to manipulate the people into doing what they wanted.
3) Get on the band wagon– This happens in Big Brother quite often and there are many examples of it. In the novel a little girl tells on her own father by reporting him to the thought police. Children are brought up to aspire Big Brother and therefore will always be party followers. Big Brother has lead the people to believe that if they all join than Oceania will be a better place. This is what inspires the people to join Big Brother.