Is privacy Passe?

How Facebook makes creepy behaviour normal:

-people know people are looking at them,but society makes it seem okay

-people have to carefully choose what they write on internet

-anyone with internet has access to your information

-people forget not only friends can watch them

-people think only personal relationships see it, while employers may also see it

-information can be accessed with no problems

-Privacy doesn’t seem to be an issue with people

-85% of definition of surveillance is what Facebook consists of

Privacy under attack, but does anyone care?:

-anyone can find your old emails (for $0.99)

-cameras everywhere and people find you with trackers

-people don’t need permission to know what you have done

-it’s easy for someone to find out about you from posts

-google can sometimes find information on you

-most people don’t care that others can find their  info

-most people don’t do anything to keep privacy private

-lots of people feel their privacy is slipping away, don’t change behavior though

-people are paid to find info on people

-people are finding it harder to keep their lives private

Internet safety tips for high school kids:

-living their lives online

-talking to friends online instead of face to face

-info goes around so fast on internet

-hundreds of people can read info on someone before that person knows it online

-teens don’t understand their posts can come back to haunt them

-posts set their reputation

-posts of illegal behaviour can affect college acceptance and job opportunities

-can expose kids to people they don’t know

-never open, or send stuff to strangers

-kids should have their privacy to that only friends can see

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