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1984 Is Now


Blog Post #3

It is very possible that Big Brother is manipulating the way that Winston thinks. The first example of this is with O’Brian. Winston sees him one day in the street and then later dreams about him. Winston praises this man and is sort of like a god to Winston. There is also the incident with the brown haired girl. Winston sees her in the street one day and has hallucinations of killing her. Later he sees her again and she passes him a note saying how she loves him. Winston then dreams of making sweet love to this young woman. Next thing Winston knows he is is a forest making love with this girl. The golden country Winston once dreamed about comes to reality and he sees it when he is in the forest. These are all examples of Winston seeing something and then later thinking about it. The question lies whether the government place these things there for Winston to think about it or not.

Blog Post #2

Big Brother is controlling and monitoring it’s party members every movements. However it is still possible to find ways around it as Winston has with exchanging words with Julia. I do not believe that Winston is being entrapped but that with is creative mind has found ways to break the rules. He is not being entrapped but rather fulfilling his own personal desires. Whether or not Big Brother approves of this does not matter to Winston. Instead of being entrapped by the government Winston is slowly becoming more free and thinking more independently. I feel Winston is heading in a positive direction because there is no use doing the same boring routine forever. Winston need to have communication with others otherwise he will become entrapped in himself.