1) Red Herring– In the novel 1984, Big Brother uses the war as an excuse for getting things their way. They use it to make the people hate on someone or something all of the time and it usually works. This is a red herring because it is said that the war is just ongoing and that there are no intentions of ending it. It is merely a good excuse to control and manipulate the people of Oceania. Big Brother is using the war to help them stay in power.
2) Black and White Fallacy– Big Brother uses this a lot as they do not want anyone against them. In Oceania if you are not on Big Brother’s side then you are an enemy of them. This is what turned the people into sheep as they really didn’t have a choice of whether or not they liked the party. Big Brother did it’s best to maintain control and this was just another way. They used violence and torture to manipulate the people into doing what they wanted.
3) Get on the band wagon– This happens in Big Brother quite often and there are many examples of it. In the novel a little girl tells on her own father by reporting him to the thought police. Children are brought up to aspire Big Brother and therefore will always be party followers. Big Brother has lead the people to believe that if they all join than Oceania will be a better place. This is what inspires the people to join Big Brother.


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