Truth and Lies

1) Quotes out of context- Quotes out of context happen all of the time. This is an example from the 2012 election. People use quotes out of context in order to gain an advantage over their opponent. They can mislead people into believing one said or believes something that are incorrect. We have to be aware at all time for quotes being used out of context because they are getting thrown at us all of the time.

2) Disinformation-
This article really shows how disinformation can harm people.It are a powerful tool that is used to tell lies or half truths. Disinformation is usually used when a country is at war. It has been done many times before it is just harder to find. Disinformation is a very terrible tool used to tell lies to the public.

3),r:0,s:0,i:82&iact=rc&dur=4668&page=1&tbnh=187&tbnw=147&start=0&ndsp=42&tx=125&ty=78 Direct Order- This is the US government telling all young men of age to sign up. It is a direct order because it is saying that they want you. Not maybe come join but more like join. This is a typical recruiting sign or poster for the army in the 1900’s.There was not much choice but to join if you were a young man.

4) Rationalization- In the novel 1984, Winston feels uncomfortable during the two minutes hate but he rationalizes it by thinking, well everyone else is doing it so I may as well. Deep down Winston knows his thoughts are wrong and should stand up to the party. Nobody else is standing up to the party though so Winston does not and thinks this is how it always has been. He feels alone and entrapped within himself. Big Brother is manipulating Oceania to follow and think as one.


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