Appeal to Emotions

1) Euphoria-
This is an example of euphoria as a new holiday was introduced. It was set is place to generate extreme happiness throughout the province. This made the people of our province happier and more supportive of our government. It does not seem like much adding a one day holiday to those in the province of B.C but it is an example of euphoria. By adding this one day off it changed many peoples opinion of our government and for a short time made them seem more caring of the people.
2),r:3,s:0,i:91&iact=rc&dur=11633&page=1&tbnh=180&tbnw=138&start=0&ndsp=41&tx=47&ty=106 Name Calling- Portraying the enemy as a monster is an example of name calling. Calling them a brute or beast is rude and untrue. This is a direct attack at the target enemy and is not positive. It only helps to get others to hate on the enemy as much as you do. Name calling in this manner can be dangerous because if one is too cruel one’s targets may dis-appreciate the manner in which one is “gathering troops.” However the odds of this are slim as most people will just follow.


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