1) Appeal to authority- The Canucks are sending a message about helping sick children. The children’s hospital is using celebrities to promote their cause. This is an example of appeal to authority as most people are more likely to listen to a Canuck. They are doing this all for a good cause. Many advertising campanges like to use celebrities such as famous atheletes to help sell their product. People think he is good an he uses it so I will be good if I use it.

2) Virtue words- Obama is using a very strong word that appeals to a great many of people. Hope. Everybody wants hope or has hope and now Obama has put his face to that word. People will start to like Obama more as they now see that he represents and signifies hope. Hope is a powerful message with a very open definition therefore relating Obama to a wide variety of things. Obama is all hope for America is what this ad is trying to say.


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