1) Example: McDonald’s slogan and logo Repetition- The McDonald’s logo slogan and jingles are well known around the world. They have been repeated enough many, many people know the tune. That is a perfect example off repetition. Whenever the tune is heard it is directly related to McDonald’s. People from all around the world know of McDonald’s and recognize its slogan.

2) Simplicity- The novel 1984 has a very popular slogan that everyone in Oceania knows and remembers. This slogan has been put out there so much that people just know it believe it and follow it now. Big Brother wanted to recreate something that everyone will understand know and remember. They kept it short and sweet so nobody will not get it. They are changing the way people think using a few short words.

3) Slogan- This is a very popular skittles slogan that many people know. Skittles has many ads for their product and they always use their slogan, “Share the rainbow. Taste the rainbow.” Lots of people know it because it has been around for a great many of years. This slogan helps us to remember there slogan and in essence what they are selling.This slogan is original and people know that one is talking about skittles when they repeat the slogan.


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