Treatment of Those in Opposition

1) (Just using the propaganda poster) Scapegoating- In this poster China is clearly targeted as the scapegoat. We are blaming them for stealing our jobs. This is just another way to give people an excuse for not having a job. They are labeling the Chinese immigrants as the thieves. People are using China to blame for our lack of quality immigration laws.

Labeling- In this poster it is calling the democrats stupid. It is labeling all democrats as dumb. This poster is ignorant as not all democrats are dumb. They just don’t want the opposition to have a chance. If people think democrats are dumb then they will want to be a republican.

3) Demonizing the enemy- The enemy in this poster is being shown stealing a woman after setting a building on fire. The government clearly wants everyone to believe that all men of that certain nationality are bad people. This is a perfect example of demonizing an enemy. Obviously not all of the enemy troops burn villages and rape women but it is a good way to show people who we don’t like. The government used the tactic a lot during the first and second world war. It helped them to rally in more troops.

4) Stereotypes- Women are often stereotyped for not being as able as men. This is not true in some cases women are more able than men however this stereotype continues. This picture is very negative towards women and portrays them as somewhat useless. Stereotypes are all over the place from racism to sexism. They can be both negative or positive but the media usually makes them negative.


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